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About Us

We are a closely knit team of French as a second language teachers for children and adults. We are experts in our field and passionate about the French language and culture. We build on years of experience in classroom management and FSL curriculum development to provide the best online learning experience.

Head instructors


Vimla is a French instructor and the French Immersion program coordinator. Over the past ten years, she has successfully tutored hundreds of students while winning the trust of local parents and school administrators. Due to her expertise and dedication, she helped dozens of students gain admission into local French Immersion and Francophone programs in Toronto.

Vimla has a background in project management and French language education media. Besides teaching, she has a passion for cooking and baking. She was the lead instructor for our Bake & Learn French program for years and her awesome recipes have inspired many kids on their French learning journey.

French Immersion Instructor Vimla at Ma Classe Online


Yves a French instructor and the program coordinator for Core French. A native speaker from France, Yves holds a diploma in French Linguistics & Literature from Paris III-Sorbonne Nouvelle. Prior to Ma Classe, he worked in local elementary schools in Toronto.


He has implemented various programs for young beginners at Ma Classe and designed a variety of instructional materials to make learning French both a fun and fruitful experience.


In his spare time, Yves enjoys playing the guitar, jogging and squirrel watching. His interests also include coding and web development in JavaScript/React and PHP.

Core French Teacher Yves
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