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French Immersion

Online Class

Our mission

Provide quality enrichment classes and support for your child

Our French Immersion Online program is the result of a ten-year experience providing French Immersion support and enrichment classes to students in Ontario, and more specifically in West Toronto-Etobicoke.


By 2020, we started implementing most of our programs online using the best of web technologies available while maintaining the authentic feel of our in-person classes, whether in content or methodology.


All our children’s French classes online are conducted by qualified and experienced French teachers via the Zoom web conferencing platform and take place in small groups.


Our mission is to accompany our students and support their learning throughout their early French Immersion years to ensure they build up solid foundations for long-term academic success in French.

Program goals

Consolidate and sharpen second language and literacy skills acquired during the immersive classroom experience in school

Complement the intuitive / communicative approach used in class with a more formal study of language structures and the verb system

Implement strategies to promote active and reflexive learning such as memorization techniques and self-evaluation tools

Approach and methodology

A curriculum-based and comprehensive program that addresses all language skills

Each course is designed for a specific grade and consistent with the Ontario curriculum expectations for the four strands of the French Immersion program from SK to grade 3 (listening, speaking, reading, and writing).


The program alternates short periods of formal study meant to clarify language concepts and consolidate the knowledge of grammar and verbs with a practical, task-based approach inspired by the CEFR (Common European Framework of References for second language instruction and assessment) to further the immersive classroom experience and develop strong verbal communication skills.


The instructor uses a wide range of instructional materials and audio-visual resources designed to stimulate and engage students. Most of the reading materials is drawn from the popular GB+ Beauchemin series, a collection of graded readers based on the Fountas & Pinnell Reading Levels for the evaluation of literacy skills.

Developing literacy skills with GB+ Beauchemin

The GB+ Collection is a popular choice amongst FSL instructors and provides the basis for a strong literacy program in many French Immersion programs in Ontario

From short stories to drama to follow-up activities, the GB+ Collection provides ample materials for French Immersion students to develop strong literacy skills - reading and comprehension, verbal communication and critical thinking.


Each level features a wide range of texts and documents suitable for each age category. The GB+ difficulty levels are based on the Fountas & Pinnell Reading Levels (please refer to our table of correlation) and most of our own resources, whether physical or digital, are inspired by the GB+ graded readers.

During the live class, the instructor may use either a physical version of the booklet (shared via a high-definition webcam ) or a digital version (as available). The rest of the time, students are granted access to the dedicated GB+ web-based platform to read booklets or complete follow-up activities.

Using GB+ to develop all second language skills


Building on each booklet, the instructor introduces additional materials such as using phonics flashcards or posters to help students develop their pronunciation skills and familiarize themselves with the French graphophonic system (relationship between the letter(s) (grapheme) and sound (phoneme)), using phonics flashcards or posters.


Basic high-frequency vocabulary is reviewed on a regular basis with a focus on spelling and word gender. For each booklet, targeted vocabulary is recorded and practiced later during dedicated activities to promote better retention. All new vocabulary remains accessible under the form of audio-visual flashcards, short quizzes and dictations on the student platform throughout the platform.


Occasionally, the instructor gives short grammar lessons using simple, accessible language, followed by oral pattern drills with the group and individual written exercises as part of the homework plan. This formal approach aims to give students as early as the first year a chance to gain a good understanding of how the language works and avoid repeating structural errors in the future.

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