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First French Class SK-1




12 weeks

About the Program

This online program aims to teach basic French to young children through verbal interaction, activities, songs, storytelling and games. Classes are conducted by experienced instructors on Zoom using a blend of physical resources and web-based applications.


  • Build a positive first experience learning French as a second language

  • Expose children to basic vocabulary and phrases using music, movement, and visual representation

Approach and content

  • We use a lively, mainly verbal approach where children are encouraged to speak French gradually through repetition and group activities

  • Each session focuses on a specific topic, inspired by children’s own areas of interest and concrete, day-to-day experiences – whether at home, at school or in the city

  • Depending on students’ age and level of readiness, our program includes an introduction to reading and letter/word tracing as a strategy to help consolidate and keep track of key vocabulary

Topics are reviewed regularly using a variety of activities and include:

  • Greetings, interacting with new people / characters

  • Talking about time (days of the week, parts of the day)

  • Counting objects and people (number up to 31)

  • Talking about the weather (elements and expressions)

  • Describing objects using colours and basic adjectives

  • Introduce and talk about family members and pets

  • Animals around us

  • Animals at the zoo

  • Animals at the farm

  • Identifying basic food and express preferences

  • Describing fruits and vegetables

  • Expressing basic sensations

  • Body parts and minor illnesses

  • Describing people’s clothing

  • Basic action verbs

  • School environment and classroom items

  • Describing house parts

Who is this program for

This program is suitable for all kids aged 4-6 kids with little to no knowledge of French.


Formats and schedule

The program is offered Mon through Friday, typically right after school at 3 or 3:30 pm.

Classes start with a minimum of 4 students (up to 6).

Please go to our programs page to view class schedule options and sign up

Printable activities that are intended to support the live session will be sent to parents aty least 12-24 hours before the session starts.

Program requirements

  • We encourage parents to contact us and schedule a short online meeting with our head instructor prior to registration

  • Each child should have access to a personal computer or laptop with a webcam and a microphone. We recommend setting up the computer in a dedicated quiet space where your child won't be distracted by room noise.

  • Student must attend a minimum of two weekly 30-minute sessions

  • Printable activities that are intended to support the live session are sent to parents at least 24 hours before the session starts and should be available to the child – if any difficulty, please contact admin at

Your Instructor

Madame Vimla

Madame Vimla

Vimla has taught hundreds of students over the past 15 years either in person or online.

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