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French Immersion Support grade 2




12 weeks

About the Program

This comprehensive French language course is designed for French Immersion students enrolled in grade 2. It aims to support their learning all throughout their second year by clarifying, practicing and consolidating the concepts and material presented in class, and set the foundation for long-term academic progress.

Who can register

This class is part of our French Immersion Online program and primarily designed for students currently enrolled in French Immersion grade 1. However, it may be suitable for children who are speak French at home or who have received some exposure to spoken French in the past and can demonstrate a sufficient knowledge or experience with the French language. Please contact us for more specific details.

Formats and schedule

  • The program includes 2 weekly 30-minute live classes on Zoom with the instruction as well as a homework component.

  • Classes start with a minimum of 3 students (up to 6). Exceptionally, split-level groups may provide some flexibility for students within an age group to attend a class based on literacy skills rather than school grade.

  • Spots are available on Mon/Wed OR Tue /Thu – please refer to schedule page to view schedule options and sign up for a course

Program requirements

  • We recommend a short online meeting with an instructor to review technical aspects and discuss the program, scheduling, etc.

  • Each participant should have access to a personal computer or laptop with external mouse and keyboard as well as a webcam with a microphone. We recommend setting up the computer in a dedicated quiet space where your child won't be distracted by room noise.

  • Student must attend two weekly 30-minute sessions and complete homework (online quizzes, exercises or short assignments) in a timely fashion. Worksheets should be downloaded from the student platform and uploaded back for instructor’s review at least 24 hours before the next class.

  • Printouts should be ready when the session starts – if any difficulty, please contact admin at

  • Complete the short assignments in a timely fashion – worksheets to be uploaded for the instructor’s review and online results shared online

Your Instructor

Madame Vimla

Madame Vimla

Vimla has taught hundreds of students over the past 15 years either in person or online.

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