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Children's French classes online

We offer quality French programs for preschoolers and online French classes for kids via Zoom using a fun and interactive approach. Our programs are geared towards children aged 5 to 8 and designed to suit a variety of levels, from full beginner to French Immersion.

Happy little girl learning French online

Ma Classe French learning

We are a small Toronto-based company entirely run by teachers specializing in second language instruction for children and adults. We have extensive experience with a wide range of curriculums and levels. We have been designing and delivering children's French classes and programs in-person and online since 2012.

What we offer

Quality French classes for preschoolers and academic support for French Immersion students via Zoom. Our online lessons take place in small groups or in one-on-one formats and are carefully designed to suit a variety of levels from full beginner to advanced.   

French classes on Zoom

Our French classes for preschoolers take place in short, flexible, 30-minute formats. They offer the best combination of live, teacher-led classes on Zoom and light autonomous learning through a carefully planned homework program. After every session, our interactive resources continue to engage, educate and entertain your child, allowing them to assimilate class material at their own pace and schedule. Progress guaranteed all throughout the year!

Homework program

We offer a unique homework program based on Ma Classe Online™ resources. Complete with audio and visual cues, they are a blend of activities, games and quizzes, tailored to your child's specific level and material covered in class.

We believe individual practice is essential to your child's progress and your child will have access to our online resources anytime via a dedicated platform. Starting from grade 2, students may also be required to complete short assignments on a weekly basis.

A sample of 5 web-based resources designed by creators at Ma Classe Online.

Why learn French with us

Qualified FSL teachers

We are qualified French as Second Language instructors and native speakers of French. We have extensive classroom experience with a wide range of students, from Kindergarten to adults, and know how to tailor goal-oriented curriculums that are both engaging and effective.

Customized resources

Both our live classes and homework programs are based on quality French learning resources designed by teachers and customized for each group. These resources help enhance interactive study and support your child during self-study.

Oral communication

We use a lively, task-based approach to teaching that emphasizes verbal skills and is supported by the popular Common European framework (CEFR), a powerful reference tool elaborated for the purpose of instructing and evaluating students in their second language.

Flexible  formats

We offer split-grade classes based on current school curriculum and proficiency levels. Classes last about 30 minutes and are offered twice a week for most programs. Private or semi-private tutoring sessions are also available in 1-month or 3-month plans.

Small class sizes

In every program, a group class welcomes up to 6 students, or 2-3 students for semi-private sessions. A low student-teacher ratio ensures consistent opportunity for oral interaction, the right amount of personal attention for every child during the session, and eventually faster progress.

Results guaranteed

Our classes ensure regular exposure to natural spoken French with quality, curriculum-based content delivered by a qualified French teacher. Our homework plan helps students consolidate their knowledge of class material and assimilate new concepts.

“My children love to go Ma Classe! The classes are helping them build their confidence in French and the teachers are very professional."

Jennifer Huether, ON

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